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About Us

This one statement was the birth of Jackson Bond Enterprises LLC…


David: I really want to start a business.
Nikisha: Ohhhh…that sounds like fun, I’ve never started a business before.
David: Really!?!
Nikisha: Sure, can’t be too hard….
It’s funny that we got married in business before we got married in real life (and because you’ll ask…no I didn’t change my last name – with a name like Nikisha Bond would you want to be plain ol’ Jackson…I think not, but I digress). Fast forward 14 years, 5 kids, countless business failures and here we are…. real-life business owners!  Still excited and optimistic because we know our value is in being master problem solvers and giving more to others than we take. Legacy is why we do what we do.  To be able to create jobs for others and provide examples of entrepreneurship to our children is truly a priceless gift that we never take for granted. 
Whether you need synthetic turf, landscape construction, motivational encouragement, or just someone to laugh with, get in contact with us – I promise it will be a value-added connection!  See you at the top because the bottom is too crowded.
David, Nikisha, Ashley, Devin, Nichole, Naomi, and DeWayne
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