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Changing the Way Golfer's Practice

Now every golfer can own that built in professional looking putting green all the while knowing your investment is protected because it is Tour Links. The kits come complete with putting turf, fringe and panels all pre-cut for an easy installation indoors or out.

Tour Links Training Aid is one of the best, all-in-one putting trainers ever developed

Years in development, the Tour Links Training Aid offers six separate devices to deliver quick, positive feedback to all aspects of your stroke. Follow the club path down the String Guide. Maintain squareness at impact while emphasizing acceleration with the Stroke Groover Block. Improve your alignment with the ball marking tool. Learn proper head and body position by using the alignment Hash Mark. Create subtle breaks with the Contour Mats and learn to aim for the center cup with the Cup Reducing Ring. The Training Aid is suitable for left and right hand golfers. You can now practice multiple length putts and groove a stroke that will help you say goodbye to three putts forever!

There’s never been anything like Tour Links before!


With different sizes of putting surface, these all-weather greens are a golfer's dream come true! Tour Links is the first full size putting greens modular that creates quality practice for golfers at any skill level. With room enough for two, each delivers everything an enthusiast of the game demands. Club speed turf with adjustable breaks, and two regulation cups and pins are standard.  All the greens are ready for use in any indoor or outdoor space. Molded from high impact polymers, the patented design makes installation a snap. Elevate your game to a new level with Tour Links! When the panels are installed over existing earth contours, they will conform to the terrain below to create putts you will find on the course. Tour Links foam contours are also available as a great option and are placed under the panels to create realistic golf course style breaks right in your garage or den.

It's Patented.  It's Proven.  It's the best way to lower your scores.  Period.

​This is THE first putting green that lets you practice like the pros (even if you don’t have a bank account like the pros). With Tour Links, you enjoy the quality of professionally installed practice putting greens at a fraction of the cost. So, whether you want an indoor putting green, an outdoor putting green, or both, Tour Links has the right solution for you. It’s all in the patented modular putting green design. It makes installation a snap in any environment, flows over any terrain to create natural breaks, and it’s completely portable!


The Tour Links bottom line: Professional practice. Professional results. ​

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